10 Great Things to Do in London, Part 2

April 22, 2020
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Can’t wait to get the best out of London after the lockdown? This is part 2 of my 2-part series on my top 10 Best Things to Do in London. If you haven’t seen out part 1, click here to find numbers 10 to 6 of the best things I will be looking forward to doing after the lockdown in London.

Number 5 – Go for Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea in London is absolutely legendary and if you haven’t done it in a while, well this will be a great time to do it. You can go full upscale like at Claridges or the Dorchester hotel where me and friends had tea last year or the Ritz where me and friends had tea, well last year! There are also more casual options such as at Ham Yard Hotel or I love that the Sanderson hotel has an Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea.

Number 4 – Discover a new area

One of the greatest things about London is that it’s a really walkable city and so I always recommend that people get off the main streets and discover the peace and tranquility of the side streets. Along those lines are the fabulous major neighbourhoods that everyone knows like Notting Hill for Portobello Market or Camden for its edgy market and location along Regents Canal, or South Kensington home to some of the world’s most prestigious museums and cultural institutions and not to mention Hyde Park.

But London has some incredible quieter areas that you will love to discover such as Marylebone tucked between the noise and bustle of Oxford Street and Baker Street, to Shad Thames where you step back in time to Dickens medieval London or Saint Katherine’s Docks when at the wharf you’d think you’re somewhere along the Mediterranean.

I also love Clerkenwell for ExMouth Market and you can discover the Columbia Road Flower Market on Sundays and discover the wonder streets, shops and cafes that surround the market.

Number 3 – Visit a cultural institution

Where do I even begin on this one? Well, let’s start at the Southbank Centre where you can check out the BFI Theatre for cinema, the National Theatre for plays or Queen Elizabeth Hall for musicals and other performances. You also have Sadler’s Wells for modern dance, the incredible Barbican Centre which could keep you busy for the rest of the year. Also the British Library hosts incredible exhibits and events that you’ll want to attend.

Number 2 – Visit a museum

This is probably my all-time favourite thing to do in London. London’s museums are absolutely incredible, and you can learn and experience so much. My absolute favourite is the V&A museum in South Kensington for its breadth and variety of exhibitions from the all-time greatest Alexander McQueen exhibit a few years ago and Christian Dior last year, to more recently the Cars exhibition.

I remember one of the best exhibits I saw there was on pearls and it was all about how they’re made and their place in fashion and society. Beyond the V&A there are countless other phenomenal museums of London including the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery. Make sure to check out my video on the best free museums in London which includes the Imperial War Museum and the London Museum.

My number 1 best thing to do in London – Meet up for a drink!

And my number 1 best thing to do when we get out of lockdown is to go meet up for a drink! Lord knows we all need one daily, but it will be so nice to meet up with friends and family for the simple act of sharing a drink.

Whether it’s at one of London’s hundreds of local pubs, or Kensington Wine Rooms in Notting Hill if you like more wine than beer. Or we can meet up at one of my favourite spots, Gordons Wine Bar, a historic 19th century cavern pretty much in its original state including the vaulted ceilings and candlelit rooms.

So, here’s to whatever you’re drinking, let’s have a drink with our favourite people!

I hope you liked this series of top things to do around London, and I’d love to hear what you are looking forward to doing after the lockdown. If you want to learn more about London, make sure to download my free Local London Guide with great tips and information about living in London.

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