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Finding your dream property can be time-consuming and confusing as you wade through endless possibilities that never quite seem to tick all your boxes and often serve to raise more questions than answers.

Without inside knowledge of the London property market and the network of contacts and expertise that makes it easy to shortlist the properties that might meet your specific needs and requirements, you can end up wasting time by kissing a lot of frogs without ever finding your prince or princess.

Finding the perfect property for you is at the very core of our mission and fuels the passion we have for our work.

Some clients have a very specific location in mind, others may benefit from the expert local knowledge we offer to narrow their search to the right area of London or find the perfect property for their budget.

Whatever your requirements, our property search agents will always deliver to the brief while using our experience and expertise to offer a creative solutions-focused approach to your property search.

With more than a decade of experience in sourcing, negotiating and delivering properties across London, we know every inch of the city, have the contacts and insights to be able to unearth hidden gems in desirable areas long before they come to market and possess the sharp analytical, business and negotiating skills to get your property for the best possible price and terms.

As a specialist independent London property search agent in partnership with Keller Williams Realty, we’ve got extensive experience working successfully with overseas clients as their trusted local scout and adviser.

The added value of the property management service that Onyx Property Team offers means we can then also provide a full property search service for those investors looking to build a lettings portfolio in the UK.

From sourcing and negotiating the property, providing interior design expertise to make it marketable, finding the perfect tenant to then delivering ongoing exceptional property management services, we’re your London-based partner who’ll take the stress out of your rental investment.

Why work with our Buying Agents?

As active buying agents, we’ve constantly got our finger on the pulse of the London property market, which means we know which areas and properties are on-trend right now, and which have future growth potential that will maximise your investment over the long term.

Rental Search

Our focus is not just on purchasers. Just as we’ve built a reputation as a go-to buying agent for those looking to buy property in London, we’ve also got an enviable track record in finding perfect rental properties for people who prefer the flexibility that the lettings market offers.

Whether you’re planning to move to the UK from overseas or you’re living in the UK and looking to move to – or within – one of the world’s most vibrant cities, our London rental search service is ideally suited to finding you your dream home in whatever part of the city you’ve set your heart on.

We’ll use our extensive network to find properties that fit your specifications and timetable, but we’ll also work our contacts to find those highly desirable off-market gems before they’re in the public domain.

From an elegant pied-a-terre in the heart of London or a family home in one of her leafy suburbs to luxury properties in those exclusive enclaves that are the hallmark of all cosmopolitan cities, we have the expertise and knowledge to make your dream a reality.

Our ‘always on’ approach to property search means we have the agility and flexibility to identify new properties and respond quickly to give you the best chance of finding your dream match.

Want to find out more?  Contact us today and let our buying agents help you find your next property in London.

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