The Best Sushi Spots in London

June 12, 2024
Best Sushi In London

London offers an impressive variety of sushi restaurants, each catering to different tastes and experiences. Whether you are looking for a high-end luxury dining experience, a vibrant izakaya, or a casual bento box eatery, London has something to satisfy your sushi cravings. Here are some of the best sushi spots in the city:

1. Umu, Mayfair

Umu Restaurant

Located discreetly on a side street in Mayfair, Umu offers a luxurious dining experience, perfect for special occasions. The restaurant brings a slice of Kyoto to London with its Michelin-starred menu crafted by Head Chef Yoshinori Ishii. Chef Ishii has even trained Cornish fishermen in the ancient Japanese art of ike jime, a humane method that preserves the quality of the fish by preventing the release of stress hormones. This attention to detail results in exquisitely tender sushi. Umu also boasts one of the largest sake lists in Europe, ensuring a comprehensive Japanese dining experience influenced by the traditions and delicate cuisine of Kyoto.

Yumu Mayfair

2. The Fuji Grill, Beaverbrook Town House, Chelsea

The Fuji Grill

The Fuji Grill at Beaverbrook Town House in Chelsea is a must-visit for sushi enthusiasts. Located on Sloane Street within a stylish hotel, this spot offers both a sushi bar and a cocktail bar, allowing for a decadent dining experience. You can choose from a sushi or Omakase experience, or opt for a bento box or donburi for lunch. Every dish is meticulously prepared using traditional techniques, providing an authentic taste of Japan in the heart of London.

Fuji Grill

3. Takahashi, Wimbledon

Takahashi Restaurant

Opened in 2015 by husband and wife duo Nobuhisa and Yuko Takahashi, Takahashi in Wimbledon emphasizes fine dining with a focus on healthy, seasonal ingredients. The hand-picked ingredients and seasonal products ensure a fresh and vibrant dining experience that maintains a commitment to quality and healthy values.

Takahashi 2

4. Itadaki Zen, Kings Cross

Itadaki Zen

For those seeking a unique and health-conscious sushi experience, Itadaki Zen in Kings Cross is the place to go. With locations in London, Paris, and Kyoto, this restaurant offers vegan and organic sushi options with its own distinctive twist. The laidback atmosphere is perfect for a relaxed meal, and the restaurant also hosts foodie workshops, art exhibitions, and events, making it a cultural as well as a culinary destination.


5. The Aubrey, Knightsbridge

The Aubrey

The Aubrey, located in the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, combines luxurious Victorian interiors with exquisite Japanese cuisine for an “eccentric izakaya experience.” The menu features traditional izakaya dishes, innovative cocktails, and Asian ingredients. The restaurant comes alive in the evenings with live DJs (except on Wednesdays) and offers a weekend brunch. For a truly unique dining experience, book The Ukiyo Room, a private omakase space inspired by “The Floating World” – an imagined universe of hedonism and extravagance. This intimate setting, with its dedicated sommelier and ten-course tasting menu, can accommodate up to eight guests.

The Aubrey

6. Engawa, Soho


Engawa in Soho is celebrated as one of London’s most authentic and traditional Japanese restaurants. Specializing in Wagyu beef, the restaurant also offers a selection of fresh sushi and sashimi. The intimate dining room, which seats 29 people, and the stools at the pass where you can watch the Japanese kitchen in action, provide an immersive dining experience. Engawa’s bento boxes blend authentic Japanese cuisine with a modern twist, all within ornately decorated, luxurious interiors.

Engawa Lunch 55094c6ab4c02

London’s sushi scene is diverse and dynamic, offering everything from traditional fine dining to modern fusion and vegan options. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in your love for sushi, these top spots are sure to provide a memorable culinary journey.

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