How Much Does a London Buy-To-Let Property Cost?

October 4, 2023
Buy To Let In London

As a buy-to-let investor, understanding the financial implications of purchasing a property is essential. In this video, we’ll break down the key expenses involved in buying a buy-to-let property in London.

Stamp Duty

Title: Stamp Duty
Stamp duty is a tax applied to the purchase price of a property. It’s calculated on a tiered pricing structure. For UK residents, the current stamp duty rates vary based on the property value. For example, purchasing a property valued at £1 million incurs a stamp duty of £41,250, or an effective tax rate of 4.1%. However, for overseas investors, additional surcharges apply, totaling £91,250, or an effective tax rate of 9.1%.

Mortgage / Interest Costs

Title: Mortgage Costs
Securing a mortgage comes with associated costs. The average fixed-rate deal for buy-to-let mortgages fluctuates based on factors like the Bank of England base rate. For instance, the average fixed-rate deal stood at 6.54% in September 2023, down from 6.79% in August 2023. Variable rates are also influenced by economic factors.

Broll: Mortgage Rates Tables
Here are the average fixed rates for 2-year and 5-year mortgages, ranging from 4.59% to 6.42% and 4.99% to 5.91%, respectively.

Conveyance Fees

Title: Conveyance Fees
Conveyance fees cover the legal costs associated with property transactions. These fees, typically paid to solicitors, vary but are estimated at £5,000 for properties up to £2 million. Additional costs may include land registry fees and local council searches, totaling around £1,500.


Title: Survey Costs
Surveys are essential for assessing property condition and potential issues. Costs vary based on the type of survey, ranging from £500 to £2,500. Options include valuation surveys, homebuyer reports, building surveys, and snagging surveys for new builds.

Broll: Survey Cost Table


Given the tiered nature of stamp duty costs and other expenses, purchasing a property valued at £1 million requires budgeting for approximately 10% of additional costs. For a cash purchase, estimated closing costs total £98,000. With mortgage financing, a 70% loan-to-value (LTV) ratio would require an equity contribution of £300,000, bringing the total contribution to £398,000.

Ongoing Costs

Ongoing costs for buy-to-let properties include service charges, ground rent, and property management fees.

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