What are your property plans for 2019?

November 20, 2018
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Well, it is November and we’ve got two months left of the year.   I’m certainly still excited and pushing to make sure that I can do as much as possible to get my listings sold and help my buyers to find the perfect home even, before the end of the year.  So for the rest of you that haven’t made a move in 2018, my question is what are your property plans for 2019?

I know a lot of people continue to be extremely anxious about Brexit, with good cause as there’s a lot of uncertainty in the market, but I come back to the point that people always have a reason to buy and sell property.  At the end of the day, property is shelter, right? It’s housing, so people can be moving for all sorts of reasons – whether they’re upsizing because their family is expanding, or being transferred for a new job; or they’re downsizing because their children have gotten older and have left the home.

Some investors now feel that given the tax changes in the market, that they want to cash out and perhaps pursue other things. I’ve got foreign investors who have owned homes in London for a long time, but are really recognizing that perhaps their families and their connection to London is not as strong and frequent as it used to be.  So again, there’s a lot of reasons to sell, and what I hope is if you’ve got any questions about buying, selling, renting or managing property in London, you come to me. Why? Because what I think makes me really special is that I’m not area restricted. As you can see from a lot of my videos and my social media, I definitely get around London and that’s actually reflected in the listings and in the work that I do.  It’s really helpful to know different parts of this amazing city and is particularly helpful when I work with foreign buyers, as they may really need to get a sense of London and consider different areas. Budgets may dictate that they try out different parts of town that are not as well known as others.

I was recently back in America and I actually had the opportunity to meet with two potential new clients, both of whom were in New Jersey.  One has a home to sell or possibly rent in St. John’s Wood, and the other one is thinking about buying in London. Someone like me is, I think, hopefully a good fit for them, and I’m excited to get those relationships going.  With the challenges facing the London property market, I think you really need someone who can help you understand how some of the macro issues and noise in the market affects what you’re looking to do in your specific location, and that’s something I specialize in. I have a background in real estate investment banking , so really got trained and developed skills in analysing the market, helping assess risk so therefore I  can help my clients mitigate it. As an investor myself I know of some of the concerns of buying property or when you become an overseas landlord and so I want to make sure I bring all of that to bear for my clients.

I’m excited about the rest of the 2018, but I’m super excited about 2019 and all the prospects and opportunities. We’ve got challenges across the market, but I think it leaves opportunities for someone like me powered by Keller Williams, powered by our international resources, technology and platforms, to really bring that all to bear for my clients, whether they are landlords, buyers, sellers or even renters, and delivering quality customer service at the end of the day.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you’ve got any questions or thinking about selling, renting, buying, or have a property to manage in London do get in touch.  

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