Moving to London with a Dog | Best Areas & Things to Do

January 30, 2020
Moving To London With A Dog

Are you moving to or within London with a dog? This article will showcase some of the best areas to live in London with your pooch, and some cool things to do with your furry friend.

Hampstead – Northwest London

Topping most people’s lists is Hampstead in Northwest London, as it has so many reasons to live there including the gorgeous village feel, cobblestone streets, boutique shops, and local cafes. In this location you are truly transported from the noise of the big city, but with easy access to central London. It is an extremely family friendly vibe, and with Hampstead Heath and its 790 acres of parkland, you will have plenty of space to wonder and enjoy nature with you and your dog. You can also stroll up Parliament Hill with your pooch to check out some of the most amazing views of the London skyline.

Near the Heath is Gauchos where four legged furries are always welcome and they even host a Sunday brunch where your pet can enjoy a nice meal, and also a goodie bag to take home with them. As a nice touch, £5 per dog goes towards an animal charity.

Average property prices in Hampstead: 

Sales: £2 Million

Rent: £3,400 per month for a 2 bedroom flat

Battersea – South London

Heading south of the river, another great area for you and your dog is Battersea. Home to Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s Home, which is the UK’s oldest animal rescue shelters, there is plenty to offer you and your pet. Battersea Park has over 200 acres with plenty of open spaces and woodland areas for a city park. You can treat yourself to a lovely afternoon bite at La Gondola al Parco by the lake, where you and your companion can sit outside and watch the ducks and boats go by.

Average property prices in Battersea:

Sales: £1.3 Million

Rent: £3,300 per month for a 2 bedroom flat

Greenwich – Southeast London 

Living in Greenwich you will find plenty of places to hang out with your furry friend. There is Greenwich Park, one of the royal parks with 180 acres and includes the Royal Observatory, and the National Maritime Museum. There are plenty of pet-friendly places here such as the Pavilion Tea House.

Average property prices in Greenwich:

Sales: £550,000

Rent: £1,930 per month for a 2 bedroom flat


Soho – Central London 

If you are looking for a prime central London location for you and your pooch, Soho may surprise you. Known more for its theatre and nightlife scene, Soho is a great spot to own a pet. In an 18th century townhouse is Andrew Edmunds with a relaxed atmosphere and water bowls for your dog, with meaty dishes to be ordered from the menu just for them too!

Average home prices:

Sales: £3.4 Million

Rent: £6,800 per month for a 2 bedroom flat

These are just a few very dog friendly places to live and enjoy the life in London with your pet, and don’t forget, they are allowed on public transport (at the driver’s discretion when using buses) so you can visit all of these locations, and more, with them by your side!

For places to dine with your dog, you can find a long list of places here for dog friendly restaurants in London.

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