BTL Tax Changes (What Every Investor Should Know)

November 6, 2019
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Over the last several years there have been a series of landord tax changes that have taken effect and impacted the buy to let property investment. Mortgage interest tax deduction along with mortgage interest relief mean that landlord tax deductions are not what they used to be and buy to let 2019 returns will be different than in 2020.

Watch this video to find out how BTL tax and other tax changes to buy to let may affect you, especially if your are a foreign landlord. BTL investing can still be a good option but make sure you do your homework and get the latest information so watch on!




Please note that nothing in this video be taken as tax advice and you should seek out independent tax guidance from a qualified tax advisor.

Buy-to-Let Tax Relief……

Wear and Tear Allowance….

Capital Gains Tax – Property…

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